What it is

An ancient tradition, typical of the Karst, born during the Austro-Hungarian period. A unique formula, in which the farmers open the doors of their courtyards and offer typical local products such as eggs, salami, cheeses and pickles. The name has a unique origin: in Slovene osem means eight, hence osmica. In the past, the opening permit lasted for periods of eight consecutive days. Today the osmice can keep open for longer periods. Even today, despite centuries having passed, it is customary to expose a branch of ivy and a wooden arrow to indicate the nearest open osmica.

Our osmiza

For generations, our family has been linked to Repen, with its own cellar and osmica in the center of the village. The osmica was born in the 1960s and has tables both inside and in the traditional karst courtyard outside. We offer wine (bottled and bulk), homemade cured meats and local products served directly in our cellar, in a familiar and welcoming environment. We open three times a year: at Easter, before the harvest and after the harvest. You will know that we are open when you will find the typical hanging branch.

What to eat and drink

We offer our bottled wines Vitovska, Malvazija, Teran, Teran Selection and the very limited Teran Rosé classic method. As per tradition we also sell our bulk wine, also available for take-away. In addition to wine, we produce cured meats from proprietary pigs raised in the semi-wild state. Once slaughtered, we season them on the Bora wind, we add garlic, salt, pepper and that’s it, and we obtain salami, raw and cooked ham, ossocollo (shoulder butt), ombolo (loin) and pancetta (pork underbelly). We also offer a selection of other local products: cheeses, eggs and pickles.