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Grapes flow through secret paths from the vine branch to the miracle of wine. Sometimes it has to mature for months or years, but it always comes to the end of its path. And when you open a bottle you feel that inside there is something that comes from far away, that comes from the sun and from the depths of the earth.

Damjan Milič

Damijan Milič’s childhood dream was to study agriculture. “Do not even mention it!” his parents said. And so he didn’t study what he wanted, he worked as an electrician for twenty years. But Repen, his territory, his origins, was an irresistible attraction. Generations and generations, indelible memories of wet grass on summer mornings, of the scent of hay, of walks with grandfather Alojz to graze the cows, to work the vineyard created in ’47. One day he said to himself: “Either I take everything into my hand, or here everything is lost”. Twenty years as an electrician were over and since 2018 he has been taking care of those vines, working those plants with his hands, as has been handed down to him, as was done a hundred years ago.